Platt College Faculty, Staff and Students,

Due to the ongoing and growing concerns surrounding the management of the COVID-19 disruptions as well as in the best interest of the college and the safety of our faculty, staff and students and in compliance with the related requirements from the Governor of California, county officials, CDPH and CDC Platt College will be extending the remote learning environment for the April 2020 module.

Below are some current updates on this situation:

  • All courses (with the exception of clinical/externship courses) will continue exclusively in the remote learning environment (Canvas)
    • All lectures, course materials and exams will be available through Canvas
    • Attendance will be recognized via the required weekly postings as outlined in the Remote Learning Agreement
  • Campuses will remain open with limited essential staff only. Continuing students are not allowed on any Platt College campus until further notice. Students will not be asked to come to any campus.
    • Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, all campus hours will be as follows:

M – TH 8:00AM until 7:00PM
Friday 8:00AM until 5:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM until 1:00PM (Anaheim will close at 12:00PM)

  • Platt College is working to ensure limited disruption to program progression for each student.
    • Students should contact their Academic Dean or Program Director for additional information if they are currently attending an extern or clinical site that has discontinued student rotations/assignments. Also, if students are not comfortable continuing to attend their assigned clinical or externship site, they should contact their Academic Dean immediately.

As updates become available we will post them to the COVID-19 Update link on the // website as well as in the LMS/Canvas platform and the employee Platt College Intranet.

All Platt College Students,

In an effort to expand and support effective communication with our students during our remote learning environment period, especially due to all of the current issues and changes surrounding the COVID – 19 virus, we are launching a new student “hotline” email address, Students may utilize this email address for any questions or concerns they may have on any topic including the COVID – 19 information and questions. This email address will be monitored and all questions addressed and responded to in a timely manner. Students are still encouraged to initially reach out to their faculty, Academic Dean and Campus Presidents as needed with all questions as well. We hope this will be useful for all students who may have questions or concerns of any type.

Helpful Links and Resources: